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Tools and guides

A Little Bit About Us front cover
Here are some CISV International guides that will help you with your profile raising and fundraising.

A Little Bit About CISV 

For the times when you need something that’s easy to carry around to help you to introduce CISV – try A Little Bit About CISV! 

It’s a small leaflet that will help you make a big impact on potential participants, volunteers, families, donors and supporters. Full of easy-to-read facts and figures about CISV, the leaflet is lively and informal – a bit like us! We hope you have using it and sharing it.

A Little Bit About CISV comes in 2 pocket-sized versions; a fun fold-out or a more traditional 16 page booklet. We won’t be printing this leaflet as it’s cheaper and easier to arrange your own printing locally –the PDF versions with printer’s marks can be downloaded and taken straight to your printer of choice.


If you wish to customise this leaflet for your NA, we can send you the (Indesign) files so you can add your NA logo and contact details and even translate the contents. Contact Denise, our Communications and Fundraising Manager, for details.


CISV PowerPoint presentation template

This a new set of template PowerPoint slides that you can use for your presentations.

There is a menu of 13 different slides (open the PPT and click on ‘new slide’ to see slide options).

There is a pre-set place to insert your logo and your website address.


Front cover Just Saying guide
  • Just Saying - (under review) a guide to communicating CISV. Whatever your involvement with CISV, there will always be times when you will have to explain what the organization is, why it exists, and what it does. You will notice that much of the information in the guide is here to help when preparing to talk to a group or large audience.

    Whether your audience is one or two people or an entire room-full, whether you are speaking or writing about CISV, the important thing is to communicate clearly and effectively, and to get the message right! 
  • Issuu - online library where we store CISV's most popular publications in an easy-to-read 'look-book' style
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