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How do I access the online PDPEF?

Claim participation in your programme on myCISV as 'director' or 'staff' (or NIC or LIC for Interchange). Once your claim is approved, you will be able to directly access your online PDPEF.

I have claimed participation in my programme but as there is no Programme Manager yet my claim has not been approved. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to the International Office, telling us your name and which programme you have claimed participation in (e.g. V-2013-085). We will then approve your claim.

I am a Programme Director and I can access the online PDPEF. Will my staff colleagues also be able to access the PDPEF for our programme?

Yes, as long as they too have claimed participation (as 'staff' ot 'LIC') in your programme on myCISV (and have been approved), they will be able to access, edit and add to the PDPEF.

I can see my PDPEF but it does not allow me to open it. What should I do?

Make sure you have registered as staff, director or LIC/NIC in your programme on myCISV. If you have registered for any other role, you will not be able to access the PDPEF.

Where can we find the Individual Evaluation Form, which we will need during our programme?

You will find it in the relevant PDPEF-package in Evaluation tools. The PDPEF-packages include: PDPEF Quick Notes (with E-Notes), (2) Group Evaluation Form (3) Individual Evaluation Form, and (4) PDPEF Sample Sheet.

Where can we find the Activity Writing Template for our programme?

You will find it in the relevant Activity Writing Templates by clicking on any of the following shortcuts: Interchange, IPP, Mosaic, Seminar CampStep Up, Village and Youth Meeting.

Should we attach the Address List to the online PDPEF or just e-mail it directly to the International Office?

Both options are perfectly ok. Make sure that the file size is not too big as it otherwise cannot be attached to the on-line PDPEF.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please contact PDPEF Support.

Where can I find out more about evaluation?

Go to Evaluation & Research.

What should we do if we do not have internet access at the site?

Download the PDPEF-package and within two weeks after your programme you can fill in the online PDPEF and submit it.

How long can I work on the on-line PDPEF before it logs out?

The form can take 'time out' so make sure you save your work regularly. The data is also saved every time you go to another page (or section) of the PDPEF.

When does the PDPEF have to be submitted?

The PDPEF is due two weeks after the end of the programme or each Interchange host phase.

Where can I find some training material about how to use the PDPEF?

On Evaluation Tools you will find the Educational Evaluation Training Session + Presentation, and The Complete notes to Evaluation.

As a Mac-user, what internet browser should I use?

We recommend that you use the Firefox internet browser as it works best with SharePoint. We do not recommend that you use Safari.

Where can I find the Partner Organization Evaluation form for LMO projects?

It is an online form. Just click on Partner Organization Evaluation Form.

Can I make changes in the PDPEF after submitting it?

Yes. Simply access your form and re-submit it. The Inernational Office will then get an automatic notification that your PDPEF has been re-submitted. If this does not work, contact International Office.

Is there an easy way to check if participants are the right age (see PDPEF question 1.5)?

Yes. Simply download the Programme Age Checker. Then input the birthdates you would like to check, and look under the relevant programme season (i.e. Mar-Apr, Jun-Aug or Dec-Jan).

Where can I find help notes for programme/event managers?

Simply download myCISV Help Notes - Programme Manager.

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