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Education activities vetting guidance

The Educational Content Committee (EDC) and the Education Department (EDD) are committed to producing and publishing high quality educational activities to support our programmes, delegation leaders, programme staff, Junior Branch, and Chapters.

By high quality activities we mean activities that engage participants in their learning emotionally (feeling), experientially (doing), as well as a cognitively (thinking).

Therefore, activities need to:

On a practical level, they need to

  • be written in a way that allows leaders, staff and others to implement the  activity or adapt it appropriately based on the description given.

  • be written in simple and concise language (British English spelling) that is accessible also to non-native speakers.

We ask all leaders, Programme staff and other CISV volunteers to submit any new activities to the EDC. EDC and the Education Officer will publish all high quality activities on the CISV website. To ensure that only high quality activities are published, EDC and EDD reserve the right to edit and quality-check activities prior to publication.

EDC and EDD seek to consult with and get approval from the liaison within the International Programme Committee of the Programme for which the activity is intended. Activities that are appropriate for several programmes and age groups will be approved by at least one International Programme Committee.

Ideally, activities should have been run in at least one programme before publication on the website. We aim to ensure that published activities have proven that they can work and are not just untested ideas. However, new activities that fulfil all of the above criteria can also be published, but should contain a note indicating that they are not yet tried and tested.

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