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CISV International

Submitting activities

Send your favourite activities to us!

Share your new or updated educational activities with us. We are always interested in new activities that our volunteers have developed and run. 

To submit your activity, there are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Select and download the activity template designed for your programme. 
  2. Follow the instructions given on the templates and fill in all the required fields. 
  3. Save the file, giving the file the same name that you have chosen for the activity.
  4. Send the activity to us


Our educational activities team will then review your activity and get back to you with feedback and possibly suggestions for improvement. To make sure that we only publish high quality activities, we follow an activity vetting guidance

Our commitment is to provide high quality educational activities to CISVers worldwide!

CISV values creativity and we encourage the use of existing good ideas and good practice wherever we can. If you have used other people’s ideas and work to develop your activity it is very important, and good manners, to acknowledge authorship and intellectual property rights.

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