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The End of the World

The goal of this activity is for the participants to be aware of how elements are of an importance for people and how we can preserve them.
The activity consists of 3 parts where the third part will lead into the discussion.

Activity 1
  • Divide the participants in groups of 4-6 people.
  • Assign an element to each group:
  1. Weather
  2. Forest
  3. Ozone Layer
  4. Air
  5. Food
  6. Water
  7. Energy
  8. Transportation

The Task:
You are the FAN CLUB of the element you just were assigned. Unfortunately humans have not done a good job taking care of these elements and today they are in a very poor state.

Your task is to make a fan video (like a commercial) that explains to the other groups why they should start taking care of your element. The fan video should explain the following things:
  1. Why is your element important and good?
  2. Why are you in this fan club?
  3. How does your element contribute in the world?
  4. How can we take care of it?

The video should last no longer than 4-5 minutes.
Time to prepare: 10 min.

Presentations: All the groups present their fan videos.

Activity 2
The Task:
Because of the way humans have acted the world is running out of available resources, and scientists says that if humans does not change their behavior and start acting for a more sustainable way of life the world will go under. To encourage and show an example of such changes the Mango Company will select some of the elements you represent and start improving these.

To decide which elements it is most urgent to improve in order to save the world we will have a hearing. Every group will get 1 minute to present their appeal, explaining why your element is the most important to improve. You need to select one person in your group to present this to us.

In your appeal you need to explain:
  • How your element contributes in the world.
  • Why it is important to save your element.
  • Why your element is the most urgent (and important) to improve in order for the world to remain.
  • What we can do to help your element/improve the conditions of your element.

Time to prepare: 5 minutes
The hearing

Round 3

After the hearing all the groups should be sitting down.

The facilitator then says:
Thank you all for giving your appeals on why your elements must be saved. We, the Mango Company, have listened to all of your suggestions and what we realize is this: all of your elements are important in order to save the world. We cannot select a winner, however we are wondering if you have suggestions on how we, as humans, can take care of the world as a whole?
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