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CISV International

Mosango Domino


Domino cards – printouts provided below

  • Groups – two teams
  • Materials – two sets of domino cards
  • Time – 1 hour
  • Aim – introduce and inspire creative definitions to the topic of sustainable development.

Explanations of round 1:
  • Divide participants in two teams
  • Give each team a set of domino cards. The total amount of cards has to be split so that all participants in the team get the same amount of cards.
  • On the cards with an empty side the participants get to fill in a word.
  • The participants sit in a circle and play domino clockwise.
  • The first person starts by laying out one card.
  • The next person in the circle lays the next card. This card has to have one of the icons that the previous card has and it must be put so that the two icons that are the same get connected.
  • For example; the previous card has WATER and AIR. This next card will then need to have EITHER water or air to be valid. It will then go WATER/AIR – AIR/EARTH
  • The whole group will play domino until all the cards or the majority of the cards have been used.


Playing the game:
  • Participants will play domino until most of the cards have been used.
Explanation of round 2 -Come up with a definition to sustainable development:

Participants are given a new task.
  • In their teams they have to create a definition of what sustainable development is and make an explanation on how the elements are connected using all the words in the domino game in the order the cards were laid out in round 1.
  • They have to discuss in their groups to get a common understanding and phrase it in one paragraph. For this, each team will receive pens and papers.
  • They will then present their definition to the other team.
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