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CISV International

Mango Alias

This activity is an adaption of ALIAS.
  • The participants are divided into 2-4 groups of 4-6 people. The groups are seated in a room. On a table/ the floor, there is a bowl. This bowl contains several paper notes. All of these notes have words written on them that somehow are related to sustainable development.

Round 1:
  • One group starts, and then they take turns. One person from the group takes a note from the bowl and reads the word WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING.
  • The participant now has 1 minute to, without saying what is written on the note, explain this word to the rest of her/his group.
  • If the group guesses right before the time is out, the participant gets to draw a new note and explain this.
  • When the minute is up, the next group has its turn.

Round 2:
  • When all the notes have been used in Round 1 you put the words back in the bowl and start Round 2.
  • In this round the Participants are not allowed to talk and have to express what is written on the note using body language.

Round 3:
  • In this Round the participants can only use their hands to explain what is written on their note.

Suggestion of words:
  • Plastic – Weather – Flood – River – Recycling – Ozone layer – CO2 emission – Solar energy – Windmill – Food – Trash – Forest – House – Fisheries (artificial) – Public transportation – Train – Bicycle – Textiles – Shopping
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