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CISV International

Diversity activities

  • Asset icon Labels (Village activity)Labels, an educational activity for the Village Programme which focuses on human rights and diversity.
  • CISV Photo Story CISV Photo Story (age 14-15)Assign each group one of the CISV areas of educational peace content: Human Rights, Conflict and resolution, Diversity and Sustainable Development, and ask the group to make a photo story which is representative for their assigned area.
  • Baranga Baranga (age 17-18)The goal of this activity is to expose participants to a situation where cultural norms change and participants are required to practice reacting and adapting.
  • Diary Diary (age 14-15)At the beginning of the camp ask all participants to keep a diary of the events that occur during camp. They should record their feelings and thoughts about activities, events, people and incidents-good or bad.
  • Dramas of Difference Dramas of Difference (age14-15)In this activity participants learn about cultural differences, finding solutions to conflicts and seeing life in someone else's eyes.
  • What you see is what you get What you see is what you get (age 14-15)The goal of this activity is for participants to understand why and how we label people and what consequences it can have.
  • Interfaith Visits Interfaith Activity (age 12-15)The goal of this activity is to allow participants to experience other sources of spirituality and learn about other faiths through real life interaction with different religious places.
  • The Mango Workshop The Mango Workshop (age 12-15)In this workshop participants reflect upon their own lifestyle, how their community affects them, and how they can have a positive contribution in their community. They should also be able to understand the problem of consumerism and the cycle of goods.
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