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Sustainable Development

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It’s 2016 – Welcome to CISV’s year of Sustainable Development!

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be bringing you ideas, discussion pieces, materials and tools to help you to explore Sustainable Development throughout the CISV year. 

You can also access archive tools and resources from 2012, when we last focused on Sustainable Development. 

Step 1: Introducing Sustainable Development

In the first of 6 steps, we introduce the campaign, our plan for the year and begin to look the question "What is Sustainable Development." If you're curious to learn more about Sustainable Development, then check out our first posts and a discover how to follow us throughout the year!   


Step 2: Educating on Sustainable Development (for trainers) 

In our second step, we explore Sustainable Development from the educator or trainer's perspective. It's a time of year, when a great deal of training is taking place as leaders, staff, coordinators and others are preparing ahead of hundreds of summer programmes. Our aim in this step is to offer some useful ideas, perspectives and practical resources related to Sustainable Development for anyone involved in training. 

  • Our first post, introduces the International Junior Branch's Dig In project, a series of original educational activities on Sustainable Development that can be used in a range of contexts. Check out the article: Dig In - Introducing Sustainable Development Through Educational Activities
  • In our second post from the Dig In Team'Digging Deeper with Dig In'  we present an activity which you can run at your local branch or on camp centered around Sustainable development. The activity can be found, ready-to-run on Dig In Facebook page.
  • Our third post addresses issues to consider when preparing and leading activities on sustainable development. 
  • The final conponent of Step 2 provides a training session to introduce Sustainable development as the Peace education content area. 

Reflection from the Kompaz Team

As we wave good bye to the Kompaz Team, the team leave us with some final thoughts to reflect upon.

Step 3: Applying  Sustainable Development to our Programmes

In Step 3 of this year’s sustainable development campaign we will explore how we can apply sustainable development to our programmes. We will explore what actions we can take to ensure that our programmes are as environmentally, economically and socially sustainable as possible. The Dig-In Team also 'dig' deeper into the wider debates and issues impacting upon sustainable development.  

  • Our first post looks at ways we can be more environmentally sustainable on CISV camps. 
  • Post 2: If enthusiasm was the currency of the world, then CISV would be a goldmine! However, running a CISV programme can quite expensive. This blog posts explores ways in which we can be more sustainable on CISV camps.

Step 4: 

Sustainable development covers a lot of complicated and contested issues. In this step we try to unpick what we mean when we talk about sustainable development

  • Blog post 1: This post gives a brief introduction and background on how we have come to think of sustainable development today.  

Step 5: 

This step looks at how we can be active around issues of sustainable development outside CISV. Full of hints and tips, in these blog posts we hope to inspire you to go out and take action locally and globally to build a more sustainable world. 

  • Blog post 1: Little changes can have a big impact! Here the Dig in team explores how we can make changes to everyday habits and 'guilt pleasures' which help to build a more sustainable future for our world.

  • Blog post 2: CISV's year of sustainable development is coming to an end but the world still needs you! This post gives tips on how you can get involved locally and globally to build a more sustainable world and practice your global citizenship! 

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