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Conflict and Resolution

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2015 was CISV’s year of Conflict and Resolution

Over the year, we went through 6 phases, or steps, of ideas, discussion pieces, materials and tools to help you to explore Conflict and Resolution throughout the CISV year. 

Conflict and Resolution step 4

Welcome to Step 4! In Step 4 we focus on Junior Branch's Stand Up project. All educational activities produced by Stand Up so far are available on FacebookAnd remember Stand Up are asking for everybody who has run one of their activities to email them a picture of a film clip of the activity. 

Leaving on a jetplane - a journey through conflict and resolution (download)

Leaving on a jetplane (link to the ebook)

In our final blog post for Step 4 we review the educational activities produced by Stand Up so far, and show how they can be useful for Chapters.

Conflict and Resolution image step 3

Welcome to Step 3! With the programme season nearly upon us this step will focus on how we can all use Conflict and Resolution within CISV programmes.

We’ll do this by highlighting and packaging useful educational resources for staff, leaders and participants. With these resources close at hand, you will easily be able to bring Conflict and Resolution into the heart of your 2015 summer programmes, both through activities and in a more practical ways, dealing with conflicts that might emerge in day-to-day life within your camp.

In our third blog post, Rupert Friederichsen and Anders Wulff Kristiansen, dig into the issue of bullying. They introduce an activity called the Bullying Circle, which shows the many roles people play when bullying happens. The central point is that too many people who could stop the bullying don’t do so. By understanding how bullying happens we can change our behaviour. The activity can be used with a range of age groups. Check it out and consider running it at your camp this season! 

Finally, in our fourth blog post, the Jirafa Project Team are back to launch their book Leaving on a Jetplane: A journey through Conflict and Resolution. The book explores Conflict and Resolution at the interpersonal, local, national and international levels and explores how they all connect. Check out their post, their trailer video, and look out for the book at camps this season! Hats of the the Jirafa team for all their hard work on the book. 

In our second blog post, the Jirafa Project Team introduces 5 Conflict and Resolution activities for any programme. All the activities can be found in the Jirafa Toolbox

Read our first blog post to learn more about Step 3 and what to expect next. 

Download useful resources and activities related to the theme, below. 

Activities for 11 year olds


Confronting Conflicts: A Toolbox for Understanding and Managing Conflicts

Conflict and Resolution image step 2

We now turn to the question of how can we train and educate people to manage conflicts better. Download and read our message to trainers, which includes links to the booklet Confronting Conflicts, a ready-to-run training session on conflict management, and a video tutorial.

Hello Trainers! 

The Jirafa Toolbox is here! Complete with an introductory video, this week we bring trainers a wonderful collection of educational activities focusing on conflict and resolution – ready to run in various circumstances. You can download the Jirafa Toolbox in full colour for on screen use, and in black and white for printing.

Conflict and Resolution image step 1

It’s 2015 – Welcome to CISV’s year of Conflict and Resolution!

As mentioned in our first post, we view conflicts as an integral part of interconnection with people. And we aspire to shift the focus from how to avoid a conflict to how to handle a conflict when it arises. Download to read more about the 6 steps we'll be taking in 2015.

Conflict and Resolution 6 steps: what we'll do throughout the year

This week we bring you news of a group of people from CISV Norway and CISV Colombia who are working on Conflict and Resolution - meet the Jirafas! 

Meet the Jirafas

Stand Up are the Junior Branch team who will be bringing you educational activities on Conflict and Resolution throughout 2015. Here is an introduction to Stand Up – including a link to their first – and brand new – activity.

Stand Up! 

As we come to end of Step 1, we leave you with a question and introduce Step 2

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