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CISV International

Programme Review

We are pleased to announce that we have engaged leading consultants PwC to work with us on the review of our educational programmes.

Why are we having a Programme Review?

We are reviewing our programmes to help us plan ahead. The review of our programmes - the primary way in which we deliver on our mission and vision for growth - is an objective in CISV International's current strategic plan, which was approved by our Members in 2015. Earlier this year, the Governing Board identified this review as our number one priority. We believe that the analysis and recommendations that will result from this process are essential to allow us all to make sound decisions for the future of CISV.

Why are we working with a consultant?

The Governing Board decided to work with an external consultant because this review is central to everything we do, and hope to do - so it deserves as many resources as possible to support it. The team that PwC has put together to work with us specialises in working with Non-Governmental Organizations and other not-for-profit organizations. Their areas of expertise include education, change management, and human resources. Their professional input will complement and build on our own expertise - we know our programmes best, after all! 

The consultants will not review the educational content or benefits of our programmes – we believe that this is something that can only be done by CISVers.

December 2017 - February 2018

The team put together by consultants PwC worked on a thorough ‘desk review’, and looked over a lot of CISV documents and statistics. They also worked with us to identify the people and groups within CISV that they will need to engage with and get input from. Additionally, they did some early market analysis, looking at other organizations and global trends.

The consultants met with the CISV project team next month, to agree the final details of how the next phase of the review will be done, and the timeline. The Board also met and gave input to the consultants. We can now confirm the following process:

Regional Meetings 2018

We will be running a workshop at each Regional Meeting, to explain the process and ask for your input and questions. We will also bring you early findings. 

May – September 2018

During this time, we will be sending out surveys, organizing small-group virtual workshops, and other forums for discussion and input. This will include a session at the Global Conference, where we will present more findings to you for discussion.

September- December 2018 

The consultants will finish their internal and external analysis work and pull together all the information and input they have got from CISV and CISVers. They will send their report and recommendations to the Board at the end of December.

Early 2019

Once they have had the opportunity to discuss and clarify any questions, the Board will publish the consultants' recommendations. In line with our governing documents, if there are any major changes recommended to our programmes we will bring them to our Members as motions. We will follow the usual process for publishing, discussing, and voting on any motions in full.

We will be bring you news and regular updates on the review process on this page, so you may wish to 'bookmark' it. Meanwhile, if you have any questions - please send them to the Programme Review Team (Einav and Gustavo from the Governing Board, and Gaby our Secretary General, along with Bebbe our Educational Programmes Manager and Denise our Communications and Fundraising Manager) and they will get back to you. We will add the most frequently asked questions and answers to this page.

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