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Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I log in?
If you were registered as a member on our old Friends website, your account is already set up. Your username is your old Friends ID number (you will have received a record of your Friends ID number in an email; if you haven't seen this email, check your spam just in case).

To log in:
  1. click on the Log in button (green myCISV button on the top right of this page)
  2. click the 'I forgot my password' link
  3. you will recieve an email with a link in it; click on the link
  4. set your new password
  5. log in using your old Friends ID number and your new password

If you were not registered on Friends you need to sign up for an account. Click on the myCISV Sign up button (on the right, underneath the myCISV log in button) and register. More information Help - log in to the website

2. How do I log out?

The myCISV section has a log in/out button on the side menu. But if you are on the main website click on the green log in button. If you are logged in, don't leave your computer unattended. Protect your details!

3. What if I forgot my password?
  1. Click on the Log in button (green myCISV button on the top right of this page)
  2. click on the I have forgot my password link
  3. this will send you an automatic email, follow the link to reset your password.

4. What if I forgot my username?
  1. Click on the Log in button (green myCISV button on the top right of this page)
  2. Click on the link Forgotten your username? Request a reminder here

If you were a member of the old Friends site, your username is your old Friends ID number(you will have received a record of your Friends ID number in an email; if you haven't seen this email, check your spam just in case).

5. What's new?

The website has two sections. The main website is available to everyone. It has information about us, our programmes, documents and publications. The myCISV section is only available to members (people who have registered and logged in). It's the CISV 'community' area where you can find programmes, claim participation and contact fellow members. More information in Help -  Introduction to myCISV.

myCISV button

This is the myCISV button (sits right at the top of the screen). It's a shortcut to myCISV section. 

6. What's the difference between my profile and my social profile?

In myCISV you have a personal profile and a social profile. Your personal profile is where all your contact information is, a list of the programmes you have participated in and your bookmarks (what are bookmarks?). It's private, so only you can see it and edit it. Your social profile is information you allow other CISVers to see. When you are logged in to this website, your name is displayed at the very top of your screen. This is a link to your social profile. If you click on the options button on your social profile page, you can choose what personal information other CISVers can see.

7. How do I send a message to another CISVer?
In myCISV use the Message centre just like email. You can also use the directories to find people by NA or by role. Read Help - send a message guide for more information.

8. How do I claim participation?
Watch the video or read the guide Help - claim participation
Please allow some time, after your claim has been approved, for the community page to appear on your myCISV profile page.

9. How do I use myCISV directories

Please read the guide Help - using myCISV directories

10. How do I register for a training?

The international training page has a list of trainings. Choose the type of training you want, then pick a location. You will see the details of the training you want, including any Info-Packs and a link to the registration form.

11. How do I search resources?

You can also use the resource search function, where you can do a quick search by a keyword that appears in the document or resource.  You can also do more detailed searches by the type of document, the year it was published or by your CISV role. It's the best way to find exactly what you want.

12. What are bookmarks and how do I use them?

When you are logged in, at the bottom of every page, there is a blue button that reads 'Add a bookmark'. If you click on it, a shortcut to the page is added to a list of bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in your profile page (in myCISV), under the bookmarks tab. You will find it useful to bookmark pages that you visit regularly. Like this one!

13. Where can I get CISV International photos?   

We have created a photo library of about 300 CISV International photos. They are only available to members of the website. You can search for photos and download them to use in presentations or leaflets. Please remember to mark them as copyright of CISV International, and where the photographer's name is known, give them a credit. We will add more photos all the time.

14. Help! I'm a programme manager

Programme managers have myCISV Help Notes - Programme Manager to guide them through the administration tasks. This document fully explains the role of programme manager and gives you instructions on how to:

  • Approve a participant claim
  • Change a participant’s role in the programme or event       
  • Remove a participant from a programme or event
  • Export an Address List for a programme or event
  • Send messages to participants in a programme or event
  • Upload documents and photos into programme libraries and albums

15. Help! I'm an NA Secretary

Your guides are coming soon.

16. All the help guides     
17. How do I become a programme manager?

When you claim as staff for a programme, programme administrators in the International Office will assign you access rights. These rights allow you to accept or decline claims, and add documents to the programme community page.

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