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Mosaic stories

We share stories about inspiring peace education projects. It's a place to find out about current and past initiatives, learn more about Mosaic, and feel inspired to take action toward a more just and peaceful world.

  • Forever mango mosaic story asset Forever Mangrove Forest projectHave a look at this amazing and huge environmental project run by CISV Indonesia. 15/03/2012 3:14pm
  • Harvest for the homeless mosaic story asset Harvest for the HomelessCISV families of all ages and a number of community partners gardened June through September, then prepare meals using the produce grown October through May when local food pantries are no longer able to provide locally grow food to the shelters. 15/03/2012 2:55pm
  • Road to integration mosaic story asset A Road to integrationUsually in CISV when we think about words like integration and differences we immediately focus on culture. But CISV Madrid has been working for five years now on a very different integration problem... Watch the video to find out more and get inspired for your next Mosaic project! 15/03/2012 2:28pm
  • Mosaic the movie story asset Mosaic, The MovieThe Swedish Mosaic Committee made this really nice movie that shows different Mosaic projects from different parts of the world. Have a look, show it to your friends and tell the world about the great peace educational work that people and chapters are doing! 15/03/2012 2:17pm
  • Culture Beat. Viel Graz - ein Rhythmus Culture Beat. Viel Graz - ein RhythmusGraz: It was in Italy 2008 when, after some ideas have been discussed years before, a graspable idea for a Mosaic project in Graz came up. In fall the same year, a group of friends, all but one with strong CISV background, came together to give birth to the project "Culture Beat. Viel Graz - ein Rhythmus". It should be a camp for youth living in Graz with all different kinds of background, socio-economical, migrant, cultural, religious, lifestyle, etc. The overall goal was to raise awareness for Graz as a m 14/03/2012 2:49pm
  • Sexual Healing, A Project Story Sexual Healing, a project storyBÅSTAD-BJÄRE: It all started as a thought, a thought about why the society is as it is and how I and everyone around me is being a part of it. The next step was the thought about norms in the society and especially norms around relationships, sex, sexuality and gender identity. It became a Mosaic project named, Sexual Healing. 14/03/2012 2:44pm
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