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Mosaic 2013 in Peru
Mosaic in Peru 2013

Mosaic is CISV's local community-based programme for participants of all ages. Mosaic can be anything from a one-off event to a year-long project.

Mosaic projects are planned and delivered by our Chapters, using CISV's educational approach, and each one responds to local needs and interests in a meaningful way. Most projects are designed and run in cooperation with partner organizations to further the benefit to the local community.

Being part of a Mosaic project is a real-life learning experience that will have a lasting impact and, if you're new to CISV, it's a great way to get involved!

What happens in a Mosaic project?

Read about some of our innovative projects in Mosaic stories

Want to take part in a Mosaic project?
To find out more about a current or planned Mosaic project near you, contact your local Chapter.

Faces of Jacksonville celebrate their 10th anniversary.

A local programme from CISV USA, Jacksonville Chapter, promotes community harmony. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Kerry McClure CISV USA, interviewed delegates and staff from Faces of Jacksonville to find out what this Mosaic programme so special.

The Faces of Jacksonville Village camp is a two-week residential experience held in a public school facility and modified to replicate the traditional CISV International Village atmosphere. This project fulfills the long term vision of former City Council President Lad Daniels to promote cultural understanding and develop future city leaders. More information.

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